About Me



Hi, I’m Lisa

“I’m a multi passionate entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world.”

True, but I’m also a mum to 3 beautiful girls, wife, fitness instructor, occupational therapist, strategic planner, cook, runner, cyclist thermomix enthusiast….based in Glenelg South Australia.  Lets just say I wear many hats!

I've been "making things" all my life, and I'm in my element when my creative spirit is able to roam free.  It provides the balance to my analytical thinking side that also works on overdrive in other business areas such as futurism and strategic planning. You can also find my not for profit voice on www.thecompassionatepress.com.au - where I'm keen to create a more compassionate and equitable world.

Sometimes it’s about the big picture, and sometimes, like on this website, it’s about the little things in life.   The little things that catch your eye and make you smile, that uplift your mood, that create that special moment or memory.

I offer a 360 degree creative art immersion experience, from buying pieces that inspire you, to helping you to explore being creative, creating fun events,  right through to contributing to worthy causes. I hope to offer online workshops in the future that will enable you to experience this where ever you are located.

If you want to add joy to your life and others, you are in the right place.
I’m always up for a chat - email me at lisacockington@outlook.com, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram


kind words from my lovely customers...

"A creative trail blazer who inspires, believes in herself with commitment and passion that is extraordinary "


"Beautiful ink work, lovely lady, gorgeous stuff!"


"Very creative and supportive of your goals.....Go Lisa!"
Kath Bickerton."


"Lisa is Inspirational. She is a good listener and great encourager"


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