A Colourful Life

Creating Special Moments

Our most precious memories contains a range of magical defining moments.

They are usually not about our greatest achievements as such, but the experience that accompanied it, and the little things that made it special.

Sometimes, yes, its about that magical wedding proposal, but sometimes its not, its about personal, unique experiences

Chip & Dan Health in their book The Power of Moments have researched what makes these memories and moments special.  

Listen to this great example from their book.  Roughly paraphrased, they talk about the fabulous 5 star reviews of a hotel called The Magic Castle.  The interesting thing is that they describe it as being an average accomodation place to look at, and possibly calling it a “hotel” is even a stretch.  What gives it the outstanding reviews?  Its the little unique and amazing experiences it offers.  Try this one for size.

You are lying by the pool and on the wall is a cherry red phone.  You pick it up and call it.  A voice answers:  “Hello This is the popsicle hotline – what flavour would you like?”.  You choose raspberry, and a waiter with white gloves appears by your sunlounge with your popsicle on a silver tray.  And its all for free.

What a magical experience!  Who wouldn’t enjoy this and re-tell the story to friends?  Its different, unique and a personal touch to their service, that costs very little.

People will overlook outdated decor etc in lieu of poignant defining unique experiences.  This is how special memories are made.  When you organise an event, anything from a dinner party to a wedding, don’t you want it to be a special celebration that will be remembered as a magical moment in history? Something that your loved ones will remember with great fondness and passion?
It’s not about how much money you spend or how fancy it is, its about designing the special touches that make a difference.  

According to Chip & Dan Heath,  one or more of the following elements help to creating powerful defining moments:

ELEVATION: They rise above the everyday experience.

INSIGHT: They may shift your point of view of yourself or the world.

PRIDE: They capture moments of accomplishment or courage.

CONNECTION: They are often social events that strengthen the bonds we share with others.

Here in my Creative Studio, I am always looking for ways to help people create those special touches that capture and celebrate moments, and rise above the everyday experience.  Those who know me, will hopefully tell you that I am always looking to create events and moments that are that little bit special, that little bit unique, and build social bonds.  I enjoy investing a little time in the personal touches, that will add that look of surprise, or better still, joy, on peoples faces.

Love life and create your own special memories.

PS – I was priviledged to witness a special moment in my daughter’s life recently, when her partner proposed to her.  Thanks to them both for allowing me to share their photo.

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