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5 Ways to Make art more affordable

You’ve found something that you love and want to give it a place in your home,  but you’re torn because the budget’s tight.  What are your options?

Here are some workarounds that might help you achieve what you want. 

1. Consider Afterpay.  Its available on every item and allows you to spread the payments over 8 weeks. That allows you to have it now, and pay it off in smaller instalments.

2. Purchase Prints. If original artwork is still out of your reach with Afterpay, I offer high quality prints.   These prints have archival printing qualities that should outlive you, and are limited editions, a cut above the standard store bought print.   They wont have the three dimensional effect of textures in some of the original artworks, or the glimmer of metallic paints, but apart from that, they are almost identical.

3. Purchase the artwork/print now, and have it framed later.  Its another way of spreading the cost over a period of time.

4. Purchase the artwork/print in a standard size and purchase a standard sized frame later.  If you purchase artwork in a standard size like A1, you can buy very cost effective off the shelf frames from places like IKEA and Officeworks.

5.  Buy smaller prints. A smaller print still gives you what you love, but is more affordable and costs less to frame.

Of course I think there is something very special about originals, but I hope this helps you to find ways to fill your home with things you love.

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