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"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. ~
Pablo Picasso




This Workshop Includes:

This is a very exclusive opportunity to be a part of my first online interactive class.
 Because of this, there are also special bonuses just for you!

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Your Art Kit

All of the art resources sent to you in advance. No need to try and hunt down things down. Simple.

  • A 20cm blank canvas
  • 4 sheets of canvas paper to paint
  • A beautiful high quality starter set of 10 acrylic paints and 2 mediums, from Australia's Matisse collection.
  • A set of starter brushes
  • Gesso and varnish to start and finish your artwork.
  • A list of a few household products that you will need from the supermarket like paper towels and plastic cups.
  • Wine and nibbles to complete the experience.  Who says you can't share food and drink online?
  • All boxed up and delivered to your door!

*NB the actual contents of your starter kit may vary slightly from the image depending on product availability


The Live Online Workshop

An interactive online class via Zoom, consisting of two 1.5 hour sessions split with a lunch break in the middle. (Drying time for your art). Fun.

The class will cover

  • All the steps involved in painting a canvas
  • Basic information about your tools and resources, and how they are used.
  • Information about colour, techniques and composition
  • The opportunity to try everything out as we go, and time to paint and experiment.
  • The opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, meet people, learn from others
  • A fun atmosphere over a glass of wine.

At the end of the class you will have completed at least one artwork, possibly more.


Your Exclusive Thank You Bonuses

As a thank you to those who have contributed ideas about this class, and hopefully some feedback after that will shape future classes - I want to offer these bonuses.

  • The class will be recorded and made available to you to watch again at any time. Snippets may used in future promotions but you will have full access.
  •  I will be releasing a series of online tutorials over the months following the workshop, covering all of the aspects of abstract painting but in more detail. I'm creating this after the workshop as it will help to shape the topics and level of detail that would be helpful.  It will be available to purchase as a stand alone course for approx $99, but,  you will receive it FOR FREE as a thankyou for helping me to design it all. That's lifetime access to a detailed masterclass.
  • You will also receive a 20% discount voucher for this new online course that you could gift to a friend, or use it for yourself for other courses as they are released.

Course Date:   Coming Soon
Wait List Open

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"I had such a great time and left feeling better than I have in ages. I think I forgot how much I enjoyed being creative, and how good it is for me."

Morgan Pearse