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2019 Gratitude

Just over a year ago I launched Lisa Cockington Creative Studio, and bravely put my artwork on display. At the end of 2019 I have the opportunity to reflect on my journey, and most importantly, express my gratitude for the year that unfolded.

Starting a new business is hard. Its scary opening yourself up to criticism and failure. There have been many times where I have questioned how much work it takes to do this. I have realised though, that this is possibly the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business – the determination to learn and grow and push on despite all the challenges.

Its not all hard though. I’m incredibly grateful for all the little “firsts” I’ve had along the way. The first time I sold something, the first time someone visited my website, the first time someone made a significant art purchase, the first time a ran a market stall and survived, the first time I ran a class: its actually quite a long list of mini achievements that have been both exciting and fulfilling.

But more importantly I am incredibly grateful to so many people who have supported and encouraged me. To those who have told me how much they like my art – thank you so much. There were times when I really needed to hear that. I’m grateful for my Andrew, Tara, Kaelia and Tessa – my family- who have supported me in very practical ways to allow me the time that I need to make this happen, and pitched in and helped out. I’m also so very grateful to my friends who have offered encouragement and guidance along the way – in particular Georgina Bickley, Annette Hadges, Barb Caputo, & Leeanne Stringer.

My gratitude also goes to those I have met at the markets during the year. I’ve had so many engaging, insightful and meaningful conversations with people I’ve never met before – this has been such a wonderful, unexpected outcome of running a business.

Whilst a year in business hasn’t made me a millionare or even close (!), its been an incredible journey of learning and discovery, allowing me to do things I love doing, with and for people I care about. Next year, well, I have so many more ideas to pursue – but I’ll leave them until 2020!

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