“Epic” Paintings

See the image above? Before you get too excited, yes I did paint it, but no, it's not really this big. I've photoshoped it as an example of what I call an epic artwork.

Over the last year, I've been dipping my toes into all sorts of painting styles, trying to work out what is authentically me. What makes me happy? I've painted many pieces that I like, some even that I love, but I still feel a little lost.
I've been looking at what artworks inspire me, and the theme that is emerging is that I love what I am calling epic art. The works of people like Brigitte D'Annibale, Jorge Galindo, and Yang Yang Pan leave me breathless.

Those who know me and my strategic background know that I am a "big picture" girl, never content with small goals. I remember as a young girl telling my mother that I wanted to knit and her promising to teach me how to knit a scarf...I rolled my eyes.."a scarf"? I wanted to knit a patterned jumper. First up. Didn't care how long it would take. And I did.

I've come to the realisation that in art I am still a big picture girl - literally! Its not about what I'm painting its about the epicness of the journey to create something truly amazing. The artists that I love are absolute masters, and painting this large takes enormous skills - its not as easy as enlarging my image on photoshop! But I know its what I want, yes even with the barrier of living in a small 2 bedroom apartment! So yesterday I started practicing for my first large scale painting, it wont be quite epic but it will be in the right direction. And I know it will take me years to achieve what I want, but I'm up for it.

Lets see where it takes me.


I have named the above image Epic Beginnings. Its a small piece that I am currently offering to members as a free digital download. If you would like your own copy - sign up below.

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