Its The Little Things

ORIGINAL ARTWORK on canvas, in a floating oak frame



76cm x 76cm, acrylic on canvas and framed in oak

This artwork comes with its own little semi fictional story card (see photo) which reads:
“Running’s meant to be so much fun, right? I’d been training for months, and frankly I still wasn’t very good at it, and it wasn’t fun at all. Every morning I’d been getting up at the crack of dawn and forcing my tired body out the door. My feet were strapped to keep the blisters calm, and the warm early morning sun was already heating the sunburn from yesterday. I desperately wanted to achieve my goal of running a big trail run next month. I seem to keep setting goals and then finding excuses to pull out. Today was the longest run yet, and I just didn’t think I could make it.
I turned the corner of the trail, a new section I’d never been down. A new stretch of prickly bushes dragged across my calves, and got stuck in my shoes. I groaned, and reached down to free myself. As I looked up, I glimpsed something blue amongst the greenery. I stepped closer, and as my view expanded I saw a beautiful untouched stretch of the ocean, with virgin sand, unmarked by human life. It was breathtaking. The aches and pains, and grumbles of the early morning fell away as the view washed over me with a sense of peace and awe at the beautiful world we live in.

I had no idea that this amazing place was here, hidden from my view, just ahead of me waiting to be discovered. If it hadn’t been for my dogged determination to keep going with my run, I would never have experienced it. It’s the little things in life that help us to know that we are on the right path, and its worth working for.”



Painted with acrylic on stretched canvas and other mixed media if noted above. The canvas will be ready to hang, as shown in the photo with a beautiful oak floating frame. If you would like a different orientation, please let me know at checkout.

Once purchased, please allow two to three weeks for framing prior to shipping.

FREE Shipping Worldwide

FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA: The artwork will be carefully shipped as a rolled canvas in sturdy mailer tube to anywhere in the world for free.