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Thanks for taking the time to visit my SALA exhibition. If you're not familiar with online exhibitions, its an interactive 3D experience that I hope you enjoy.  

Tips on how to get around 

Firstly, if you have the option, view it on a desktop device rather than a mobile phone.  Then, when you enter, after dismissing the instruction screen, switch to full screen mode for a better experience.  The option is on the top right hand side. You will find other handy menu options here.

  • To move around - use your mouse or finger to point on the floor where you want to go. Change direction with the arrows on the bottom right. The down arrow will move you backwards, the side arrows will turn you around.
  • To see the artwork up close just click on it
  • To read the description of the artwork - just click the info icon at the top right.
  • To purchase the artwork - click the link in the description


Things to do include:

  • Take a guided tour.  If you don't want to manually choose what your look at - select the guided tour option instead of "Enter Exhibition" and it will automatically advance you to each artwork one by one - you don't need to do a thing.  You can pause the guided tour at the top right of your screen at any time.
  • Listen to me talk about the art by clicking the arrow on the first artwork on the left of every wall.  Tour the exhibition clockwise for the audio narration.
  • Go on a treasure hunt!  There are two Golden Tickets hidden in the exhibition and each one contains a discount code.  This might also be a fun way to involve your children in the experience, they can be spotting whilst you look around.  Once you've found a ticket, reading the discount code will take a little bit of thinking.  Use your exhibition experience to help you.
  • Download/view the art catalogue.  The drawings and quotes on the walls are not for sale, but the software insists on including them!
  • On your way out - read about Lisa Cockington above the reception desk, screenshot Lisa’s business card and sign the visitor book on the door.
  • To stay in contact and see new art as its released, you can sign up here, and/or follow me on Instagram or Facebook
  • Contact me anytime - my email address is lisacockington@outlook.com