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Creating Special Places You Love

As I write this, its the first day of spring. Its beautiful. Sunlight floods my small apartment and I feel alive and excited about the day. I am buoyed with all the possibilities of the things I might do today. I guess I could have done them all yesterday, but I didn’t feel like it. What’s changed? Its the light filling me with energy and enthusiasm.

I’d love to bottle the sunshine and sell it.  I’d love to see everyone around me filled with the same excitement. Perhaps a goal that’s too lofty, but I notice that other things affect our mood.  Beautiful things, beautiful places.

What makes a place one that you love? Is it the trendy couch, or the colours, or the style? Yes, its these things, but if we dig deeper, its ultimately about how it makes you feel.

After a stressful few years, I’ve come to realise that what I value about my home is that its my safe haven. When I walk in I feel calm, at peace. In essence, my soul feels “at home”.

Have you noticed that when everyone follows the same decorating trends, a place can feel a little cold and empty?

A home should be filled with the things you love,

and should tell the story of who you are

I’ve discovered that what personalises a home, and creates a certain mood or feeling is the unique creative pieces, the art.

Terri Lind Davis said it so eloquently

Architecture is the bones

Decor is the heart, and

Art is the soul of a room

The artistic creative things that we place on our walls, tables, benches etc bring together little spaces and havens that evoke certain feelings. Think of creating a soft plush lounge chair, a warm rug, and a beautiful picture in blues and greens – this could become your favourite place to rest and relax after work. Or adding bright colourful inspiring artwork to an area to help you feel vibrant and alive when you wake in the morning.

Or how about funny quotes that make you giggle and not take life too seriously?

This website is about bringing unique pieces of art into your home, so that you can create your own little slice of heaven.

We may not be able to experience spring every day of the year, but we can make our homes special places, and surround ourselves with things we love.

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