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Did you miss the Pinterest Revolution

Here’s what you don’t know and how it can change your life for the better!

Pinterest is not a social media platform

Yes, you read that correctly. Its not a place to share news and interact, in fact its primarily a solitary activity.

It has nothing to do with what is happening now, or what has happened in the past. Unlike Instagram or Facebook where people share what’s happened yesterday, Pinterest is all about the future, the planning, the dreaming, the ideas of what might be….

Its actually a search engine, a bit like Google, but better. You can while away your spare minutes (or hours) searching for ideas, concepts, products, the next best travel place, or the most gorgeous handbag ever. And then save your favourite ideas in a place you can come back to, and find (!) any time you want.

Here’s the nuts and bolts.

Pictures are called “pins” and if you see something you like you “pin it” to a pinup “board” in your profile. You set up boards for different categories, like handbags, travel destinations, games to play with the grandkids, outdoor entertaining ideas, best ever kitchens.

And every pin is linked to the website that created it. So imagine you saw a great travel suitcase that you want to buy when you go overseas next year. Ever seen something like this, and when you’re ready to purchase you can’t remember where it was? Not if you pinned it! Go back to your travel board, see the pin with the suitcase and click on it. Hey presto – you’re on the website that sells it!

Pinterest provides almost unlimited inspiration for about future events. It has a smart feed process that delivers ideas to you every time you log in, based on your previous interests. Its a fabulous way to get new ideas, recipes, and find out information, hints and tips about anything! And unlike Google you don’t have to read anything – see it, like it, pin it for later!

Its not restricted to what you see on Pinterest either. Have you noticed that most websites have the little red “P” symbol appear when you hover over a picture? You could be looking online at your favourite boutique, see a dress you love and want to look at later – hover over the image and click on “the P”. You can then instantly save the picture to your “Shop Next Pay Fortnight” board (just an idea for a board). Next pay fortnight – go to your board, click on the picture of the dress and purchase.

Another bonus….. You can share boards with friends. Perhaps a group of you are planning a trip to Bali and you want to gather ideas of what you want to see and do whilst you are there, what clothes you want to take. Set up a group Bali board, and then as you see things you want to put on the “to do” list – pin them to the board. Search Pinterest for great things others have done, favourite holiday outfits and all get excited about your joint plans.

Want to see what your friends are discovering on Pinterest? Maybe you have a friend who has great style, or is always in the know about latest trends. Follow them on Pinterest, and you can see what they are pinning. Its like shopping with friends.

Its not all about shopping though – Pinterest is designed to provide helpful information. Its a massive resource of recipes, how to’s, and insightful information. If you want to get new ideas and tips about creating special moments in your life, from entertaining and decorating to travelling – you can follow me – I’ve already set up boards that will give you ideas.

And finally – its relaxing. Yes it really is. Sit down with a cuppa and get lost in Pinterest – a maze of connected ideas, thoughts and future dreams.

Follow me  here (and click the red Follow button)  if you’d like to see what I’ve found!

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